Because we can deliver solutions that are custom tailored  according to the project's architectural needs.
Because our products have long time warranty, and this can assure solar project rentability.
Because our products are manufactured in accordance with European Comunity standards and are certified by solar industry specialists.
Because our production is based in Buzau, Romania, we can deliver any quantity in very short time.
Why solar energy ?
Savings : Reduce your energy bill and has no maintenance costs.
Ecology :  Solar heating reduces CO2 emissions and are totally clean.
Flexibility: solar installations can be installed in addition to any other heating system using conventional energy (gas, wood, electricity), the latter can be used as complementary energy sources on cloudy days.
Autonomy: In a market where conventional energy costs increase from year to year, solar power reduces the risk of increasing the heating bills.
Reliability: Solar heating systems are simple, reliable in operation and with a lifetime of 15 years.
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